Planning to Plan to Write

I am a plotter. More when it comes to the story rather than the story line. I need to know absolutely everything about a world, about characters and events and everything before I start to write properly. Now, that I’m supposed to finish that damn first draft this month, the advice most people would give me is probably “just write”, but I’m too much of an organizational freak for that.

I’ve been writing out brief summaries of all the important scenes that I still need to write. Once that is done, I’ll write a detailed outline of the last part of the novel. That’s when the “just writing” will begin, though admittedly there won’t be much ‘just’ about it. I’m doing it this way because of the hope that with a detailed road map to follow, finding my way towards the finish line will have fewer complications.

Road map

This week has been an emotionally challenging one. I’m going back to work next week – even though I am nowhere near ready – and some stuff has been happening in my private life that has made focusing on anything quite difficult. So even though I have pushed through it and worked anyway, I know I haven’t done enough. But! I have signed up for evening and weekend membership at the same work space that arranges the Writer’s Group, so next week I have somewhere to go every night after work to hopefully get work done, because it’s super important that I make good progress next week.

heart girl

The most important thing here right now is to not let all the emotional crap around me – the depression and anxiety that keeps screaming in my ear – beat me and keep me from working on my dream. I have a job to do, a job I want to do, and I will be damned if I let the weaker parts of me stop me from accomplishing that. I know that’s going to be so very hard, but you know what?

I’m going to keep telling myself that I can do it. And by the end of the month, when I am able to write a blog post saying I finished my first draft, it’s going to be like winning a war, and it’s going to be worth all the hard work. It’s that moment I look forward to.


Today my parents are here so I’ll have to entertain and enjoy myself – which might be a good thing now before the intensive work kicks in. But for other writers out there, work hard and good luck working towards your own dreams!

Kick ass, people.

Rain S.


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