Writing Cleans the Mind (and soul)

dreamer brain

I’m out of the country this weekend and have an 80th birthday party in a few hours, so we’ll have to keep this brief! But I didn’t want to skip posting today because I’m currently so happy about being a writer (aspiring) that I couldn’t wait to write about it.

Right now, I am working on Spiralling, Parker outline, short stories every other week, and online series also every other week. It feels like so much, and yet as I’m working on it, it doesn’t feel so hard at all. It feels completely natural, and having different projects allows my brain to breathe since I can pick whatever it feels most natural to work on at the time.


If in the past few months finishing the Spiralling first draft, I have doubted if I should or wanted to be a writer, that doubt is long gone. Yes, it’s so hard at times, but I can’t believe there is anything out there more rewarding than putting words on a blank page and make a world out of it. When everything in my head feels muddled and messy, writing is the one thing that makes me feel clean, focused and clear-headed.

I guess this short post is to remind myself – next time I feel like giving up and become a ballerina or a fire-fighter – that writing is worth it, and it’s the greatest thing in the world. At least for me. Writing is freedom, having written is paradise.


If you’re a writer or a reader who also just loves the art of writing and all the joy and beauty and excitement it brings, feel free to share your favorite quotes about writing in the comments!

Personally, there are so many quotes on the subject that I love, but these two have got to be all the way at the top of the list of my favorites:



And on that note, have a great Saturday all, and happy writing and reading to all lovers of words.

Rain S.

One thought on “Writing Cleans the Mind (and soul)

  1. Sound awesome and am so happy you’re writing is kicking ass but don’t forget to take a breather away from writing… remember Jack from the Shining, “all work and no play makes Rain a dull girl” 😆

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