Blog Themes – Choosing My Niche


This Thursday, I was at a social gathering we do once a month, where people from and outside the Writer’s Group meet up, have beer and talk about writing. Well, we segue into a myriad of other topics, too, but we’re supposed to talk about writing, and at some point, inevitably, the subject of social media and blogs came up, and it got me thinking.

I have been blogging for a few months now, and have yet to commit to a niche. Sure, you could say it’s writing, but it doesn’t really feel like that’s my niche, because when I write about writing, it’s always about my writing, and it’s so scattered and random that sometimes it doesn’t feel like my posts even belong on the same blog.

So I did some research into “finding your niche” and of course there were lots of helpful tips and advice, some of which was useful, some of which wasn’t. I did end up listening to what most listed as the first point, which was write down your interests, things you are passionate about and would like to write about, and narrow it down.

The result, for me, was this:

Interests(Yes, “lesbianism” is written separately from LGBTQ because it’s the label I identify with and since I’m human, it’s the one I am most actively engage in – sue me.)

It looks fairly random and maybe the connections doesn’t make sense to anyone not living inside my head, but just roll with it, please?

I ended up with these points because in my head and my heart, they are all connected, and most of them feature heavily in my own writing. Except for superheroes – I don’t actually write about superheroes, I just love them more than I can healthily express, so on the list they went. This whole thing got me thinking… I don’t want my blog to forever remain a platform where I spurt whatever random, semi-writing related thoughts I have on a Saturday morning. I want my blog to be consistent.

Yes, the stories I post are already consistent, given that they all take place in Hurst, and Hurst was initially supposed to be the focus of this blog, but the truth is that not enough people have read my stories for Hurst to be an interesting topic. Not yet, and maybe not at all until I get at least one novel published. But until then, I still want to write something people are interested in, bring something to the table that might even hold a smidgen of value.


I talk a lot about getting organized with my writing, but never even considered getting organized with my blog content. However, I’ve now spent enough time experimenting and playing around with my blog posts that it’s time for me to consider things a bit more seriously.

So what is my niche? Or, rather, niches? Since it seems I’m incapable of ruling anything off the list entirely. As you can see by the thought-map, fantasy is at the very top, which makes sense since it may be the defining quality of my personality (strangely, since fantasy is not, technically, a character trait). There is not one of these subjects that are not connected to fantasy in my head.

I can’t think of feminism without immediately going to all the amazing female characters I have read about that made me think there was no reason for me to ever be apologetic about who I was (I would love to blog about them). I can’t think LGBTQ anything without thinking how I still don’t believe there are enough books out there that seem to be for me, and how I want to both read and write these stories, for me and other people, even if I don’t fit into their “label” (I would love to blog about that, too!).

so many options

And so on and so on. If you had to dissect my personality into little pieces and give them all names, I imagine it would look like that thought-map. And obviously, it’s hard to write a semi-consistent blog about all of these subjects, but that’s okay. This post isn’t about picking one and sticking with it. It’s just a first stepping stone, and there will be more posts like this one as I try figuring things out.

If any bloggers or non-bloggers have any advice for a newbie about niches, comments would be more than welcome and highly appreciated!


That’s all we have time for today, girls and boys! Got to get some book-type-writing done now so I can avoid putting myself in the guilt-wrecked, stressed-out state I was in this week when I was late with Valentine & Maxwell.

Happy… whatever you’re doing with your lives this weekend!

Rain S.

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