Writing Community (+ Camp NaNoWriMo midpoint)


We are halfway through Camp NaNoWriMo! How is everybody doing? I got off to a slow start, but this week everything kind of surged forward and I am finally a few pages ahead of my goal! Reached 50 % on Thursday, and re-written the first three chapters. Pretty happy about that. Never mind the fact that if I do complete my Camp goal, there are still have about 200 more pages to re-write before November, but that’s a panic attack for another day!

I have been riding one of those rare waves of Happy Writer Mood this week, and as always there is an undercurrent of fear for when it will pass, but I’m trying hard to focus on the positives. When you go several days where the amount of writing you do equals the amount of time spent thinking about writing; that is a victory week and should be celebrated.

Whenever I find myself in one of these Happy Writer Moods, I like to try and figure out exactly how it came about. I’ve even started to write down some of these things down in my bullet journal to give an idea of what to try next time I fall into the dark pit of Miserable Writer Mood.


One of the biggest things that get me into Happy Mode is other writers – emerging myself in a writing community. During Camp NaNoWriMo, that has been easier than usual because of the wonderful little thing called cabins. I like my cabin, even if only around three of us regularly comment and it tends to be me who aims the conversation to writing every time. But how awesome is that? I am the one who started the conversation. Me! Starting a conversation! I don’t do that – I don’t aim the direction of conversations; I sit back quietly and hope it will go where I want and then maybe I will manage to squeak out one small comment that nobody hears.

It’s incredible to me that in the whole world there is exactly one thing that gives me the confidence to take charge of a conversation, to actively join in rather than hiding in the corner. If I ever doubted that writing is my one true passion and purpose in life, this month of Camp NaNoWriMo would have cured me of that doubt.

Does anyone else share this feeling? That writing is the one thing in life that makes sense, which lets you be the person you really are, the one you can never truly be outside of the writing community?


I also participated in my first virtual write-in, which was beyond awesome and I recommend everyone join in for the one next week! That was the first day I got ahead of my goal, because it had the same effect as Saturday Writing Group – writing around other writers who are also writing is motivating! And more than that, listening to other writers talk about writing in between isn’t a distraction. It fuels the fire!

All this inspired me to go on the NaNoWriMo forums and seek out more potential online writing friends. Another thing I never do; actively seek out new people to occupy my time. But I’ve emailed quite a few interesting people from the Find Camp Friends forum, and most of them even responded. So yes, interacting with other writers has been a massive part of why this week has been so great, writing-wise. When you have story-telling to connect you, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make friends.


Which is why I also want to reach out to the lovely blog writers of the world! There is little downside to have people support you, motivate you and kick your ass back into action when you can’t do it yourself. Accountability is a beautiful thing, and so is knowing that those around you understand all your creativity-related craziness.

So if anyone out there wants to expand their creative community circle, feel more than welcome to reach out, to send a long, rambling message about your story, or the things you currently love or hate about being a writer, or absolutely anything Consider my contact page your personal venting-ground for writing-related things! You will not be turned away! 🙂

And on that note, I have work to do. Happy writing everyone, good luck in all you do!

Rain S.


3 thoughts on “Writing Community (+ Camp NaNoWriMo midpoint)

    1. Do you realize your site is one of my rewards? Reach my goal and I finally get to go through everything I’ve have missed on your blog! 😉


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