Fighting Demons with Dark Fantasy


This week’s post is about dark fantasy and the benefits of bringing a little darkness into your word-count, and you can find it hiding over on the blog of my wonderfully talented friend, Sonya Lano.

Fighting Demons with Dark Fantasy

Sonya writes fantasy in all forms. Dark, dystopian, epic, it doesn’t matter – she can fit a heart-wrenching love story into any of them. She has a beautiful way with words that people like me only dream of, and when she asked me to write a guest post for her blog I was as terrified as I was flattered. If you’re kind enough to jump over to her site to read my post, I recommend taking a second to look at her short stories and other stuff when you’re done. I promise, it’s worth a few minutes of your time!

Rain S.


4 thoughts on “Fighting Demons with Dark Fantasy

  1. I am following Sonya because she clearly knows her stuff in a genre that I love, but I wanted to tell you on your own blog how much I enjoyed your post. People often don’t get it, how writing really dark stuff can actually be beneficial to well-being and health; they assume we’re wannabe murderers. C.G. Jung’s concept of the Shadow Archetype, our dark side, is a great source of info for why it can, in fact, be considered “spiritual” to express our Shadow in harmless and creative ways. Lovely work, and I look forward to having a closer look at both your blogs when I have more time.

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    1. Thank you so much! I know my sanity would definitely be far gone without seeping some Shadow into my writing. Really appreciate you taking the time to come in here and comment : )

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