Fantasy Flash Fiction

Hello world, or the minuscule percentage of it that reads my blog (not that size matters, all you readers are worth the sun in the sky to me!). This week has been… Well. Let’s just say that me and this week are not on speaking terms. I may be plotting an assassination attempt on this week. This week better watch its back.

So I decided it would be best for all of us if I just take my emotions out on a morbid piece of flash fiction instead of raving my way through another blog post. I hope you’ll enjoy this short and not-so-sweet piece of fiction on your Saturday morning (or wherever you are on the timeline).

Image from Pixabay

Water swirls over my skin like the hands of a curious lover.

It is soft as silk, and it feels as though I must be in the most peaceful, gentle place in existence.

My throat burns while the water, as gentle as it is unstoppable, forces its way into my lungs. It hurts, but the water surrounding my body lulls me into quiet submission, making me feel loved and wanted and welcome even as it eats me from within.

The water inside me chews, bites, gnaws at my lungs, devouring me while the water outside caresses and teases me, snuggles up against me and runs loving fingers through my hair.

Perhaps this is what true love is. Being consumed by the thing that loves you, being clawed to pieces as your lover wraps you up in affection, with a warm embrace, with soft fingers and bubbles like whispers in your ear telling you how much they want you. How badly they need you.

So much they are willing to absorb you to keep you.

So much they need to kill you to keep you close.

I allow the water to swallow me up, because it will bring me more joy to feed the ocean floor than it would to fight my way to the surface.

Thanks for reading, as always, I appreciate your support, and if you want to give more of it, check out my Patreon page!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a novel to write.

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