Flash Fiction and Happiness

Hey guys and gays, guess what? Forth week in a row with a blog post, I think I can safely say that I’m back in the game now! How cool is that? I swear, a short time ago it felt impossible that I would ever be able to get back to my writerly self, and here I fucking am, people, deal with it!!! I am posting every Saturday and I have written 500 words EVERY SINGLE DAY THIS WEEK!!!!! I am so proud and I will flaunt it because it’s been so long.

I’m viewing the world through slightly rose-tinted glasses today, humans, because after thorough analysis and research, I have discovered that this feeling I’ve got going on right now? It’s happiness. I know, horribly confusing, especially considering my depression is by no means far away (minor mental breakdown on Wednesday, no big deal), but for the first time in a very long time, I feel like I am in control of my mental illness, it is not in control of me. I think this is because I finally managed to decide to make some changes in my life and actually followed through!

I decided I needed a new job: the first proper week at my new job starts Monday, and I am hella excited. I decided to start writing again with Camp NaNoWriMo: we’re six days in and so far so good. I also decided to let myself revel in the fact that I am so freaking loved by all these amazing people in my life. I’m bad at admitting that other people love me – I always seem to think I care more about them than they do about me – but right now, I’m smarter than that. I have the most extraordinary group friends who all mean the world to me, people I would go to the ends of the earth for, and these people value me as much as I value them. How freaking incredible is that??? People I don’t feel any need to edit myself around, to act even a little different from how I want to be, because they accept, appreciate and love me for exactly who I am, 100 % pure and undiluted. That’s a very beautiful thing.

There’s also the small fact that I spent all of yesterday with a wonderful woman I like very much and we had literally the best day ever. Nothing but walking, talking and kissing our way through Zizkov – it was perfect. Thanks to all these things, I’m flying high. I don’t care how many people try to drag me into their drama; I am living my own life and I am proud of it.

But enough about me, let’s get down to business. (if you didn’t just sing to defeat the Huns in your head, what are you even doing with your life)

Today I’m doing a flash fiction inspired by the drop-dead-gorgeous art of one of my favorite humans, artist name confusedlucifer pretty much anywhere you look them up. Their tumblr and twitter (https://twitter.com/confusedLucifer) feeds are both worth a follow, mostly so you don’t miss out on amazing artwork but also because they’re hilarious and brilliant and just overall a marvelous creature of life.

So without further ado, here is my flash fiction inspired by Swamp Witch by confusedlucifer.

In the dark stomach of the forest, the Swamp Witch waits.

You cannot tell them apart from the trees at first. It is only once you’ll have fully entered their territory that they’ll emerge, blue-green skin and unblinking red eyes and hovering above you like the only real thing in the entire forest, and nothing else matters but the Witch.

Try looking away from those eyes. Try resisting the draw of that shimmering light that stretches out from their hands like an invitation and curls around you, urging you closer. You’ll forget that a few moments ago, you did not know the Witch existed. You’ll forget anything else ever existed at all.

The only thing you’ll care about is their song that fills the clearing, fills your ears, your heart, your soul, your everything until there isn’t anything left inside of you that isn’t their song. Everything except the Witch is darkness, empty, a void you’ll never want to step into.

You cannot tear yourself away from their presence. You’ll want nothing more than to bask in their light, their song, the pull of those eyes you cannot turn from. The Witch is irresistible once they reveal themselves. Once you’re in their territory, you will be forever wish to stay.

Careful walking among the trees after dark, children.

In the dark stomach of the forest, the Swamp Witch waits.

There we go. Thank you so much for reading! Now, to get gushy, I hope everyone of you can find the strength within yourself to look beyond all the challenges and all the things that make you miserable, and find something in your life to focus on that makes you happy, gives you a sense of fulfillment, and I hope that everyone – everyone – finds strength in themselves to battle against their mental illness. You’re stronger than it, I promise you. You’ve got this. I believe in you.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a novel to write.

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