Road Trip Fic

This is technically yesterday’s post, it’s short and up late because I am back in Denmark for work and yesterday morning two colleagues and I rented a car and we were driving around all day to beautiful places! It was exhausting, but we saw some lovely and idyllic places and my feet were in the ocean, so all in all I say worth it. Anyway, my colleagues are better hikers than me, so while they were off on their own adventures, I stayed at a lovely café and worked on some brainstorming AND wrote a teeny tiny flash fic! Hope you enjoy.

I stare at the sea, and it feels as if the sea stares back.

We look at each other with sunlight twinkling in our eyes, and I feel this longing. This longing to walk into the sea, feel my feet sink into the sand as the cold water rises around me with each step, feel the sea playing beneath the surface, twirling between my toes, curious and as excited as I am.

I follow my intuition and walk into the blue. It tries to pull me further out and I am happy to oblige. I walk and walk until most of my body is beneath the surface. The water feels like home, like safety, like living.

I throw myself forward and swim.

I swim into the sea, and it feels as if the sea swims back.

Thanks for reading, next week I’m home again so I’ll write another proper writing post!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some brainstorming to do.

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