True Crime and Other Coping Methods

Why, hello there, world! It’s been a while! I’m sorry about that, but I can explain! First I had a cold, and then I had a Depression, which is still ongoing, though I’m coping.

And because I’ve been struggling to write blog post the past few weeks, I figured – why not write a bit about the thing I’ve been using to cope?

I can’t guarantee this will be helpful for anyone, but hey, it’s a blog post, so it will make me feel good if nothing else!

Even though I am actually happier than ever, and my life has never been this good, my brain has been a damn minefield these past few week. So much so that I’ve even decided to go back to therapy, and made an appointment (here’s hoping this therapist won’t be as incompetent as the last). The thing is, I’ve got a new job that I actually enjoy, and we’ve been very busy these days, so I haven’t been able to do what I normally do when I get like this – retreat, make some excuse to be away from work and hide in my apartment while my emotions devour me from the inside.

Not an option this time.

So I’ve had to find different methods to stay on track. Obviously, my friends and found family have been a massive part of that, but they can’t be there 24/7. In between, I’ve needed things to keep me afloat on an hourly basis.

My two favorite things to do that? True crime podcasts and pop music.

Specifically, Last Podcast On The Left and Jonas Brothers – that’s right, these are the two things keeping my sanity in check. Pop music, especially the Jonas Brothers, makes me happy, make me smile and dance in my seat as I listen to them at work, make me bob my head and cheerfully hit buttons on my keyboard in rhythm with the music. It’s so much fun, enough to take me out of the dark places in my head and just… enjoy myself.

Outside of work, I have been listening to Last Podcast on the Left, which is nothing new, but these days it’s become slightly obsessive. Not only do these three nerds talk about topics that I’m interested in – serial killers, mass murders, cults, myths and magic – but they do it while goofing around, mocking each other, telling the stupidest fucking jokes and overall just being delightful human beings. Having the three of them in my head makes me feel like I’m not alone in my insanity, that if they can be productive members of society (arguably) with this awesome attitude, then maybe I can, too. Their work is amazing and listening to them most of the time when I’m alone outside of work has been a great way to drown out the depression while also somehow dealing with it through the darker topics they cover.

These things might not be the best coping mechanisms for everyone – not everyone gets cheered up by stories about dismemberment and psychotic cult leaders – but if you find something that makes you feel happy in your everyday life (and I’m talking about the little things, not the people or the job or the hobby, all of which are important, too), cling to it like a life raft, surround yourself with it, let it keep you afloat until you can get your mind back under control. So many artists have created so many amazing things – take advantage of them, let them help you through this. And thank them for it if you can! Those artists might be struggling, too.

Well how about that, it wasn’t half bad. I’m happy I managed to do a post again, and I hope this means I can get it going again with my regular routine, especially now that NaNoWriMo is coming up! Anyone else doing NaNo this year? ARE WE EXCITED???? ARE WE GONNA CONQUER THOSE WORDS AND MAKE IT HAPPEN??????

… I’ve had a lot of coffee this morning.

2 thoughts on “True Crime and Other Coping Methods

  1. For me it’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine and folk music. You can always tell where I’m at emotionally by how much B99 I’m listening to and whether or not I’m listening to my “And Am I Born To Die” playlist. Which sounds emo, but honestly thats trad music for you?

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