Writing Retreat: Can I Write 5000 Words In Two Days?

You read that right! This weekend, my writer’s group is on a writing retreat in a very sweet little place two hours outside of Prague. We are staying in an actual brewery so it’s debatable how much work we will actually do, but hey, I can drink and write at the same time!

Anyway, the goal of the retreat is pretty obvious: WRITE STUFF. My goal for the weekend is to write 5000 words of my novel, by which point I should arrive at a very important event in the story that kicks off the rest of the novel. If I can get that far, I will be severely pleased.

But because 5000 words is a lot of words, especially when you’re unsure what the next scene is supposed to be, this will be all you get from me today. Short and sweet! I’ve got a lot of work to do.

Wish us luck, I hope we all reach our goals this weekend! Hail yourselves, people, I’m sure you can all reach your goals, too!

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