Welcome to the blog of Rain Sivertsen – fantasy writer, mental headcase, lover of coffee.

Currently working on a fantasy novel with a YA and urban touch, which is planned for self-publishing sometime by 2019/20. Meanwhile playing around with short stories and an online series that allow the to go a little crazy. All these stories in one way or another take place in a world called Hurst.

Rain is located in the beautiful city of Prague, which might be the ideal home for anyone writing fantasy, with magic hiding around every corner.

Get in touch if you’re a fellow writer looking for contacts (because writers have to stick together!), or if you have any questions about this crazy world.

Happy Writing, everyone. Live long and prosper!

(Quick mention to @alfpha_male for helping with the banner, to @Penguiniam for helping with pretty much everything else, Tereza for making the amateur map look a lot better, and Ed Smith for helping with editing! Thanks, you beautiful people!)