Identity – introduction

One evening, I was sitting on my sofa, reading fan fiction. That’s pretty much most nights for me, but this one took an unexpected turn. I read a lot of asexual-tagged fic because, you know, me, but I’d never really read any with an aromantic tag. This one fic just happened to include both. And damn, was I not prepared for how it hit me. I reached the end of this short angst/fluff, hurt/comfort fic and I was frozen. I just stared at my phone like it was an alien object until I started crying. I cried for a while, and then I moved to my computer and started researching. … More Identity – introduction

Does this count???

Why must I write a blog post? Is it not enough that I simply have interesting thoughts that various mental illnesses make me keep in my head instead of sharing them with the world like some kind of productive creature????? Best, Rain S. (hey, I tried, ok? Maybe next week)