Short Stories

25 – Kopi

Every story takes place in a different city in Hurst. I’m hoping these stories will show my beloved world in a bit more detail, and let you take a peak into the lives of random characters in Hurst who don’t get to have a book written about them.

  • Blackwell – A mermaid tries to shake the hold of darkness in a black and lonely place, and find her way back into the light.
  • Sagemill – In this noir fantasy, a human is lost in a world of monsters, sex and nightmares, and is doing the best she can to survive.
  • Fayvale – The ancient phoenix looks down at the world fro
    m up high, and what he sees inspires him to let it go.
  • Redmerrow – A wolf lost in grief, blinded by despair, goes to extreme measures to find any way to escape the pain.
  • Vertgate – A tale about two siblings searching for adventure.
  • Corton – The story of the one of the most vicious crimes in Hurst history.
  • Winterhollow – A nymph on an important mission, traveling through a mystical forest.
  • Orholt – The only prison in Hurst lies in Underland, as far away from the rest of their world as possible. Most prisoners reject and despise their punishment. One knows she deserves it.

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