Spiraling – work in progress

Spiraling is a work-in-progress YA fantasy novel, currently being revised and expected to be self-published by 2019.

Seventeen-year-old Ronnie Morgan thought she was the only one in the world with her special powers and abilities. But on a trip to Prague, she discovers she is part of the Circle, a hidden organization of people with Gifts like hers; people charged with guarding the portals between the world she knows, and Hurst, a magical world parallel to this one.

As her world turns upside down and she experiences thing she never imagined, Ronnie tries to figure out what she wants and who to trust. But the more she falls in love with her new life, the clearer it becomes that someone wants to take it away from her. Strange things are happening inside the Circle, and Ronnie keeps finding herself in the middle of it.

As things get worse, Ronnie has to decide exactly how far she is willing to go to keep her new life, and what she is willing to give up to protect it.

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