Welcome to Hurst

One aspiring writer using the world of fantasy to stay sane

Hurst is a world parallel to ours – it sits roughly atop half of Europe. A long time ago, it started out as a sanctuary, a place where every magical creature and person could go when humans became too great a threat. Today, every Magical calls Hurst home.

Everyone in Hurst has their own special story, and I will do my best to tell at least a few of them to the best of my abilities. These great characters deserve a voice, and it’s my job to give them that.

So welcome to my world! My name is Rain, and it’s my pleasure to drag you into the magical world of Hurst.


I put up new blog posts on Saturdays and either a short story or a new addition to my online series on Wednesdays. Unless I’m sick. Or depressed. Or both..