Welcome to the blog of the fantasy-addicted, mentally unpredictable, coffee-sustainable Rain Sivertsen – that would be me.

I have been fully committed to my dream of being a writer for a few years now. At times that’s challenging with a full-time job, but when you want something badly enough you don’t let a silly little thing like steady employment keep you down! Currently working on a queer YA fantasy novel, a vampire trilogy, and a tragic love story/cannibalistic/ghost story.

While everything I write takes place in a fantasy world called Hurst where I spend most of my time, my corporeal self is located in the beautiful city of Prague – which might be the ideal home for anyone writing fantasy, with magic hiding around every corner.

This blog is named Writing Up My Serotonin because like a lot of creative types out there, I have suffered from heavy depression and anxiety since my teenage years. There have been many dark moments and struggles that have made surviving until 26 feel like an accomplishment. Recently I have managed to keep the monster called depression in the back of my head where it can do the least damage, and yet dark wisps occasionally sneak up on me. I am determined to keep fending them off and never again let them take over, but that takes a lot of work. One of the main ways I maintain my sanity is through writing. Without fantasy, without my characters or Hurst, that sanity would slip away into the darkness never to be heard from again.

Writing is the only thing I want in life. Getting my books out there is the only thing I truly desire, and no amount of hardship and depression and crappy jobs is going to hold me back. This blog with new posts up every Saturday is one small way for me to begin introducing myself to the world.

If the world wants to say hi back; here I am.

25 – Kopi