The Perrinne Legacy – Book 1

There exists two types of vampires; the Immortal, and the Mortal.

Parker Perrinne is two of a kind; together with her little sister, they are the only vampires in the world that are half Immortal, half Mortal. Despite their strangeness, their lives are quiet and peaceful.

Until a group of Immortal soldiers show up and take everything away from them. Now, young Parker faces a choice; sacrifice herself for Hazel’s freedom, or see them both ruined. It’s a no-brainer, really. But the price she has to pay for her sister’s life is higher than she ever imagined.

Ten years later, after a decade of misery and pain, Parker finally gets the chance to be reunited with her only living family.

But getting there won’t be easy. The enemies of her past will never stop chasing her down, and neither will her own personal demons – and she has to beat them all to find her way home to Hazel.

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