The Perrinne Legacy – Book 1


There exists two types of vampires; the Immortal vampires of the Kingdom of Callidor, and the Mortals of the Kingdom of Brennus.

Parker Perrinne is two of a kind; Parker and her little sister Hazel are the only vampires in the world that are half-bloods. Despite their strangeness, their lives were happy and peaceful.

Until the Callidorians came to their home and killed their family, forcing Parker to make a decision that plunged her life into pain and darkness. She allowed the Callidorians to take her so Hazel could escape.

A decade later Parker has been on the run for years, never knowing why her life was ruined or where to find her only living family member. So when Adelaide and Caden Azura show up and tell her they were sent by the royal family of Brennus, Parker decides to follow them even if it requires doing the one thing she thought she would never do again; trust.

Because the Azuras can give her the one thing she wants, the desire that has kept her alive for ten hard years; to be reunited with her sister.


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